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Resource Allocation activities

There are 3 RA process in EGI, and each will be operated with a different eGrant portal :

Pay For Use

Not yet ready. Broker would only have a small role to play. Price would be a metric that is used in the negotiation process between provider and user... However, the details of the RA process for P4U are still under discussion...


  • supervisor in EGI is Gergely Sipos (gergely.sipos@egi.euNOSPAM) : he must be warned by email when new requests received, and he must be informed of decisions taken, so always put him in CC
  • URL to reach the eGrant portal :
  • to check requests (automatic mail notification not yet working), go to the eGrant tool
  • work instructions :
  • RT requirements (requests for new features) -> go to : Category (level 1): Operational Tools; Category (level 2): e-GRANT (Operational Tools)
  • mailing list : resource-allocation-support@mailman.egi.euNOSPAM

EGI Applications on Demand

  • No resource pools -> broker can only accept or reject a request
  • Supervisor in EGI : Giuseppe La Rocca (giuseppe.larocca@egi.euNOSPAM)
  • Documentation describing the procedures (please read it !) : [attachment:'EGI AOI - Doc. for Operator_v1.3.docx' EGI Applications on Demand Infrastructure - Documentation for Operator]
  • Process of the affiliation requests : access to the portal through the entry "Management of affiliation requests to AoD" in KeePass
  • Process of the resource allocation requests : access to the portal through the entry "Applications on Demand e-GRANT portal" in KeePass
  • Mailing list : applications-platform-support@mailman.egi.euNOSPAM