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Software Installation on BEgrid

procedure to install custom applications on the BEgrid clusters

Follow the following steps:

  1. Install the software through a normal grid-job, using voms attributes.
voms-proxy-init -voms beapps:/beapps/Role=lcgadmin

where beapps is a VO defined on BEgrid.

It requires that your VO membership is associated with the 'lcgadmin' role in the VOMS server. This is only allowed when you are a VO manager.

> --> Actions:

    • write script that does a few basic things
    • download zip/tar/tar.gz from SE or webserver
    • makes directories
    • unzip/untar in correct directory
    • anything more complex (eg cmssw installation) must be described properly, and a working script must be provided to this person
    • someone needs to have proper permissions.

b. The software needs a clear name and version number.

The software also provides its initialisation script (if needed) to set PATH, LD_LIBRARYPATH,..whatever is needed. The following works in bash (X,Y and Z are digits ofcourse ;):

> (these are just the first lines of a the script people use to start 
> the code or the installation job).
> and we publish a tag
> ${VO}-${NAME}-${RELEASE}
> using the usual tools.

For publishing a tag then you could use the following commands in your script:

# collect the CE hostname of the site
CE=<tt>glite-brokerinfo getCE| cut -d ":" -f 1</tt>

# print the existing tags for this VO
lcg-tags --ce $CE --vo ${VO} --list

# set the tag
lcg-tags --ce $CE --vo ${VO} --add --tags VO-${VO}-${NAME}-${RELEASE}

# to check if the new tag is correclty published lcg-tags --ce $CE --vo ${VO} --list

> the RELEASE number is mandatory, especially for the people who think > they only need one release ;)