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What is FedCloud ?

FedCloud is the EGI Federated Cloud, a IaaS-type cloud, made of academic private clouds and virtualised resources and built around open standards. Its development is driven by requirements of the scientific community.

BEgrid cloud is part of FedCloud.

What is VMOps Dashboard ?

The VMOps Dashboard is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows authorized users to perform basic VM management operations in FedCloud. As it is highly integrated in the EGI Application Database (AppDB), users can directly instantiate scientific appliances from the AppDB catalogue.

How to get access to VMOps ?

You can easily get access to the VMOps for training purpose by following the procedure on these slides.

Once you are familiar enough with VMOps, if you want to keep on using it, you have to join a production VO supported in FedCloud, like our national VO beapps. For this, you need to get a personal grid premium certificate and to register with it in the beapps VOMS portal. You'll find the detailed instructions in section 1. and 2. on the following page.

How to create and manage your VMs with VMOps ?

You will find basic explanations on this link.


Instantiate a Jupyter notebook on BEgrid cloud

If you want to try Jupyter on the BEgrid cloud, please read these [attachment:vmops_dashboard_jupyter.pdf slides]. You'll find a GitHub gallery of interesting Jupyter Notebooks here.